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Single-machine multi-project manipulator WOMR Series
Single-machine multi-project manipulator WOMR Series
Product Introduction:
Product Introduction

Single-machine multi-project manipulator WOMR Series

Product Introduction:
A type of automatic handling device, used for the punching with single punch press and multiple workstations. 

This type of automatic feeding and transferring equipment is specially developed and manufactured for multi-station progressive toolings, single production type, and large quantity, to realize the transferring of precise positioning and continous automatic operation. Adopting high-performance Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor drive, by means of diversified reclaiming methods such as precise transmission mechanism matched with vacuum chuck, electromagnet or pneumatic gripping jaw etc. We provide the customers with stable and reliable equipments which can operate 24H all-day, so as to achieve the target of shortening production rhythm and enhancing productivity, enhancing customers in the industry with strong technical support and competitive advantages. 

Functional Features
1、Equipment adopts the drive of Mitsubishi brake motor, to meet the high-performance operation requirement, which is able to timely shutdown at the occurrence of abnormalities power-cut or overload), to ensure the environment requirement of safe operation. 

2、HMI operation is adopted for the system, which is convenient and easy for parameter setting, and the screen is concise and easy-to-operate. 

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