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 Located in No. 383-1, Wan'an Road, Zhoushi Town,Kunshan City, with factory built and put into production in 2004, KunshanWechum Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is an automation enterprise providingtechnical services (integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and systemintegration) of industrial automation robots.
    The company has various personnel with rich experiences in robotsapplication engineering design, automation equipments, as well as techniques ofassembly and commissioning, possessing sufficient technical R&D abilitiesand rich project experiences in automation field, customizing for factoryclients with most suitable and most advanced automation production lines andsolutions. We can effectively solve problems for various enterprises againststern high labor costs, difficulty in recruiting workers and enterprises'income falling short of expenditure etc. Our purpose is to help variousenterprises to save resources , enhance benefits, create customer supply chainsand harmonious win-win situation. At present, our company is advancing towardshigh-tech industry with brand-new posture, and have been developed intoprofessional industrial automation supplier integrating designing, production,manufacturing, sales and technical services; We are also the long-termcooperating partners for domestic well-know enterprises such as Foxconn, Meida,Midea, Changhong, Hisense, Haier and Sany etc., maintaining good cooperativerelationship.
Cherishing the principle of "Creation", "Devotion",and "Relation", with the operation principle of "Customers asBenefactors, Outsourced Partners as Important Persons, and Employees as FamilyMembers", we hope to employees to have better life, customers to work moreconveniently, and our company's operation can be continued forever.
Withthe globalization of economy, aging of population, and rising of rising oflabor cost, "The project of replacing human with robots" in futurewill become the policy direction and reformation power ranging from nationalstrategic development to governments at various levels and enterprises. KunshanWechum engages in providing customers with complete automation solutions andturn-key projects, and provide users with powerful technical supports; Weendeavors to become the hi-tech enterprise leading in the industry, and makemore contributions to the automation and informatization of China.
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